Funny Talk with Emmie

We never really know what is going to come out of Emmie's mouth. She began speaking early and she has not slowed up. She picks up the language from all sorts of people. She learned "as well" from her British daycare worker..."I want a cookie as well." She learns German from her neighbor friends and... Continue Reading →


We Went to the Mansion Park

At some point, Germany decided to turn an old mansion into a park and name it Schloss Beck. While the mansion is beautiful and big on the outside, the inside is not so magnificent. We, however, did not go there to see the mansion... ...we went to play in the children's park. After paying a... Continue Reading →

Traveling with Ragamuffins

Last month, we were in need of a babysitter for 2 weeks while the kids' teacher was on vacation. I called my Mom and asked if they would come and watch the kids. Reluctantly, they volunteered to watch their grandkids while we were in school ;-). They played with their puzzles They hit the baseball... Continue Reading →

We Went to Cochem

Back in March, we had a visitor - Sarah's mother. We had a great time. Saw the local area. Played with the kids. Visited different parts of Germany as well as the Netherlands. We even took a weekend trip to the hills. Germany has lots of gems - these small villages with amazing scenery, architecture,... Continue Reading →

Father’s Day

As we walked around town over the past few weeks, we have seen Mother's Day stuff everywhere. "We love our Moms" "We love Moms" "We love you, Mom" This past Friday, I was talking to a neighbor about Mother's Day. "What do you do for Mother's Day?" "What do you buy for your Mom here?"... Continue Reading →

Horses in the Square?

Gigi, a.k.a. Sarah's Mom, came to town. It was a blast. We laughed. We played. We visited. We made new friends. We got sick together. BUT she got to see our town up, close and personal, despite the rain and cooler weather. She also got to explore some nearby cities, castles, and colonies where we... Continue Reading →

Helping Hands

We, as Americans, have so much, yet there are so many people around us in need. As we were walking through a neighborhood the other day, we met a family (a man, a woman, and their 3 children) from Romania. We really had no way of communicating with them. They spoke Romanian, but they didn't... Continue Reading →

We Went to Haarlem

We work hard during the week and then have fun on the weekend (sometimes). Our fun often takes us across borders because we have a gazillion sweet sights within a 2 hour drive. So this past Saturday, we took a trip to Haarlem. Not to be confused with the Harlem in NYC, we went to... Continue Reading →

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