Water Balloon Fight

The weather here is pretty mild. Our winters are cold, but not extreme. There is always rain, but hardly ever snow. On the flip, the summers are really nice with only a few weeks of hot weather, upper 80s to 90s. For the most part, its sunny and enjoyable. After a longer winter, we had... Continue Reading →


Spiderman is on Fire

It is time for the Eli show... This little man loves to dance, but he doesn't have the rhythm. If he follows in his daddy's footsteps, the only rhythm that he will have is on the athletic field. We have tried to help him with his rhythm... As his Father, I objected to a recent... Continue Reading →

Funny Talk with Emmie

We never really know what is going to come out of Emmie's mouth. She began speaking early and she has not slowed up. She picks up the language from all sorts of people. She learned "as well" from her British daycare worker..."I want a cookie as well." She learns German from her neighbor friends and... Continue Reading →

We Went to the Mansion Park

At some point, Germany decided to turn an old mansion into a park and name it Schloss Beck. While the mansion is beautiful and big on the outside, the inside is not so magnificent. We, however, did not go there to see the mansion... ...we went to play in the children's park. After paying a... Continue Reading →

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