Eating Intestines

It's hard for me to even write that title line for 1 major reason... Every time that I think about, hear about, or write about "intestines," I re-live the taste, the smell, and texture of it and then nearly barf. My stomach churns and twists as if it is saying, "If you ever do that... Continue Reading →


Friday Night Fun

In the short ten months that we have lived here, we have been able to meet a bunch of people. The other night, we had the pleasure of having a few of them over for some fun. Sarah provided the food. We chatted. We laughed. Then we played some games... It was a memorable night... Continue Reading →


We always have to eat. We try and visit the same places, but also venture to new ones to see what else is out there. Most of the restaurants have pretty much the same items with just a little variation. The food isn't spicy. Typically meat and potatoes. And it generally tastes good. They love... Continue Reading →

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