We Went to Dunkirk


Before moving to Europe, I understood very little about the various wars that had taken place across the continent. Even the information that I knew was from an American perspective. Now that we live here, we experience history all the time. Whether Jewish memorials that you can find on the street representing Jews who lived in that particular house before they were deported or reading signs that are around the towns, there is plenty of history to be learned.

Not long ago, I watched the movie “Dunkirk.” I know that movies don’t always depict reality, but it got the ball rolling on learning more about the event that took place in Dunkirk, France. It didn’t last long, but I am sure it felt like an eternity for the nearly 400,000 soldiers who were stranded on a beach and awaiting transport back to England. After several bombs were dropped on the helpless soldiers, they were certainly at attention,

…wondering when help would arrive…
…would they survive the night…
…how could they fend off the enemy…

But then the small boats arrived and the soldiers made their way back to England. The largest small boat operation in history.

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And it was on these beaches that we stood and re-envisioned what those moments must have felt like for those brave and courageous men. Nothing could stir up the true feelings of those soldiers during those days, but it was pretty somber to stand there and imagine it…


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