The WHERE of Adoption


As you know, we are in the process of adopting. What you may not know is the country of our adoption. At some point, we made it known that we would have to wait a few years to adopt because Sarah was too young. Our desire at that time was to adopt from China. China, however, requires that both parents be over 30 years old. Not a problem; it just demanded waiting.

Then we Skyped with our adopting agency, Small World, and learned some exciting, new information that we will share with you now.

Ghana recently became a new, adopting program with Small World. Why are we so excited about Ghana? Where China required us to wait until at least June 2019, Ghana allows us to turn the paperwork in ASAP and then wait for government approvals and finalization.

So over the past few weeks, we have updated a few documents and sent everything to our case worker in order to finalize our home study. Once the home study is completed, we can begin to apply for grants and hope to get closer to our fundraising goals.

We are hoping to finalize everything this year and add 2 wonderful and amazing children from Ghana to our already wonderful and amazing family!


4 thoughts on “The WHERE of Adoption

  1. So.happy for this great news. I am sure our G has already prepared 2 special children for love. We will.continue to pray all goes quickly and smoothly. Love,

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