Eating Intestines


It’s hard for me to even write that title line for 1 major reason…

Every time that I think about, hear about, or write about “intestines,” I re-live the taste, the smell, and texture of it and then nearly barf. My stomach churns and twists as if it is saying, “If you ever do that again, I’ll kill you myself.”

What would lure me to a restaurant that serves intestines as their one and only dish? Friends. Really Really bad friends.

Despite getting together to hang out and chat with new friends, there was still a big elephant in the room. Thankfully it wasn’t an elephant intestine in the room, just sheep intestine.¬†After eating the intestine, I can’t remember any more of our conversation, because I was too busy using my tongue to floss my teeth. It never really helped.

To make matters worse, we actually had to pay before leaving the restaurant. Take this in… I paid someone to eat intestines. Let that soak in. I give you money and you give me intestines. It only cost 2 bucks, but it was probably 3 bucks too much. But that 2 bucks made me a man as my Turkish friends said, so it was worth it.

VIDEO – Eating the Intestine

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