Circumcision Party


It’s not everyday that you get to go to a circumcision party, especially when the boys are aged 6 and 9. (Did you just wince in pain at the thought?) Unfortunately, every boy in Turkey gets snipped in that range of time.

Typically, they are the “King for the Day,” and they better be since at the end of the day, they are going to be quite different. Usually, the circumcision takes place at the party where the men get the special opportunity to watch it take place. If you happen to be the most respected, then you get to help with the procedure. Sounds awful!

Anyways, we went with our teacher out to her in-laws’ village for 3 days. We knew that it would be an intense time of language since everyone spoke only Turkish. So we jumped in the van and made the 4 hour trip to the village. It wasn’t your ordinary van ride.

We could hear the A/C but we couldn’t really feel it.
We thought we were smooth sailing until we stopped to pick up people on the side.
We thought we were going to fly off the mountain, but the driver was “in control.”

After safely arriving in the village, we were greeted by many of our teacher’s in-laws and family. Turks are really hospitable so it was nice. We settled into our room and got some rest. Unfortunately the kids didn’t understand the idea of rest and woke up way too early.

On the day of the party, Friday, we spent time with several family members. Typically the men sat in one area and talked while the women sat elsewhere. Mid morning, we prepped the outside for a luncheon by installing a canopy (which took way too long to setup). After setting it up, I talked to a few of the older men about the mosque. They lived right next to it…


Knowing that they would probably invite me, I told them that I had been to a mosque service one time. Thirty minutes later, I was sitting in the back of the mosque, observing everything and taking it all in. After we left the mosque, I was able to have some cool convos with people about their own faith.


At 7p, the party started. Then it actually started about 8p (It’s a Turkish thing). We partied outside of their house.

There were lots of chairs.
Lots of people.
A Dj and A Dance Circle.

No Food. No Drinks. No Games. Not even Alcohol.
(As an American, I don’t think I have ever been to a party without some of these things)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The party went from 8p until after 12a and the only thing that happened, for the most part, was dancing. There was a 15 minute delay for people to give money or gold for the circumcised boys. And when I say dancing, I mean the same style of Turkish dancing with the same style of Turkish song all night long. These people did not get tired. They danced and danced and danced.

VIDEO #1 – Check out the Arms – Turkish dancing – arms out and snap the fingers

VIDEO #2 – Turkish Dancing – The young people dance while the older people watch

VIDEO #3 – Crazy Dancing – only time the music changed and the dancing got crazy

Final Observations…

…Besides the gift giving time, the party was for adults and not children. The kids ran around and did whatever they wanted to do.
…The women sat in the chairs and men stood behind them.
…Everyone had fun.



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