The Home Study Week


Unless you have followed the little bit that we have posted on Facebook about the adoption process, you probably feel in the dark. Frankly, we have been figuring all of this out as we go, but now we have some more information.

Outside of the funds needed for the adoption, the most crucial element is the Home Study. We had our home study set for the end of January. As we approached the 2-day meeting, we began to have great doubts about our country of choice for the adoption. We had previously felt, for several reasons, that Ukraine was our future adopting country. After talking to some people at a recent conference, and coming across more information, we were second guessing that decision. With the home study looming, we needed to make some decisions fast. We wanted to bring the various options before you, but for the sake of time (as in urgency) and the sheer amount of information involved in the decision, we discussed it with our adoption agency and our close friends who were visiting. In case you were wondering, the countries of choice were Nicaragua, Madagascar, China, Ukraine, and Lesotho.

BUT before any of the home study could take place, Emmie decided she wanted to spend a week in the hospital with bronchitis and then pneumonia. It was an incredibly trying time with Sarah at the hospital many nights while still needing to get everything in order.

Do we cancel the home study and lose a chunk of  already-invested money?
When can we re-schedule?
How are we going to be at the hospital and be at home?

BUT thankfully our visiting friends sacrificed their time and hung out with Emmie at the hospital so we could partake in the interviews and home study. It was so comforting to know that Emmie was in good hands and we were able to dialogue about the adoption without worry.

Then the home study began. Just so happens that our case worker is a friend of a friend who understands our life and values. Needless to say, it was really easy to communicate and share our hearts. She was also a great asset in being able to share her adoption story and how it all plays out in an overseas context. She had adopted 2 boys from China with our adoption agency, Small World.

Anyways, the home study was tremendous. We felt at peace and encouraged after it was completed. Now, we just need to finish the paperwork, at-home training sessions, and raise the funds and we will be able to bring brother/sister home.

And after talking to the case worker, we have decided to pursue an adoption from the country of Madagascar, where the kids there in the orphanage are “just waiting to be adopted.” If something should not work out there, then our backup plan is waiting until Sarah is 30 and then adopting from China.

Thanks for being a part of this journey. Let us know if you have any questions…


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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! I’m learning so much from your process. One day Pete and I really want to hop on this same path you’ve taken:) Blessings to you guys! LOVE YOUR HEARTS!


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