Spiderman is on Fire

It is time for the Eli show… This little man loves to dance, but he doesn’t have the rhythm. If he follows in his daddy’s footsteps, the only rhythm that he will have is on the athletic field. We have tried to help him with his rhythm…

As his Father, I objected to a recent idea, but I let it go. So one Friday afternoon, we went (begrudgingly) to a dance class for toddlers. After arriving, we were told that there would be 15 or so children there with only 1 other boy. The class began by running in a circle and doing various things to the music. I think when Eli realized that he was the only boy there, he wanted out of there quickly. And for good reason.

So dance class lasted about 10 minutes and Daddy left with a thankful smile on his face. BUT now we are doing an afternoon in gymnastics class. And a fun fact for you… I used to do gymnastics as a youngster. The only reason that Eli is still doing it is to help with flexibility and athleticism and maybe he will find some rhythm while spinning on the balance beam.

Enjoy the videos.


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