Funny Talk with Emmie


We never really know what is going to come out of Emmie’s mouth.
She began speaking early and she has not slowed up.
She picks up the language from all sorts of people.
She learned “as well” from her British daycare worker…”I want a cookie as well.”
She learns German from her neighbor friends and at her preschool…

As a result, who really knows which language she will even use.
She often mixes English & German, but we don’t really know if she knows the difference.
As an example…
I want a Gurke. (which is cucumber)
Can I get Wasser? (water)

So, next time you talk with Emmie, you better be prepared to wade through the conversation and decipher between the English and German.

Here are a couple videos from Emmie, one newer and 2 older.

VIDEO #1 – “It is yucky”

VIDEO #2 – A younger Emmie laughing

VIDEO #3 – Planes or Birds?


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