We Went to an Indoor Playground


I guess since it rains so much here, it is a good idea to have indoor playgrounds. We went and checked one out the other day and it was a great time. It was only a couple bucks for the entire day and the adults can play too!

The kids’ break between daycare and preschool is about finished. We have had a lot of fun over the past few weeks as we just got to hang out with them rather than send them to a daycare. Not that this has pertained to them, but students here usually get about 6 weeks off of school for summer break. School ends at the beginning of July and starts again in late August.

Next week, our kids will be going to a preschool which is conveniently located across the street from us. While we would rather homeschool over the long haul, it is forbidden here. So that means that it will be public school for them. We will face that battle when it gets here, yet prepare them for it each day until then with love, guidance, and a strong foundation…

Here are a couple videos from the playground:

VIDEO #1 – Highlights from the playground

VIDEO #2 – Riding various Playground cars

VIDEO #3 – Jumping on the Blob


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