Traveling with Ragamuffins


Last month, we were in need of a babysitter for 2 weeks while the kids’ teacher was on vacation. I called my Mom and asked if they would come and watch the kids. Reluctantly, they volunteered to watch their grandkids while we were in school ;-).

They played with their puzzles
They hit the baseball
They played in the sandbox
They went to the park
Even the kids had fun!

Wanting to show them around Germany, we walked around our small town, took them to some yummy Turkish restaurants in nearby towns, and visited some cities outside the area like Cologne and Amsterdam. We even stopped by the Haribo candy factory.

We also celebrated our anniversary while they were here. Has anyone ever done an Escape Room? It was quite fun, tense but challenging, and yet we still managed to escape in time. We have the magic elixir to prove it.

We finished the trip with a journey down the Rhein river. It was so relaxing and peaceful. The history of Germany is quite amazing. Seeing castles from nearly a millennium ago is unbelievable. Then thinking that next year is the 500th anniversary of Luther posting the 95 Theses on the door here in Germany is even cooler. Yet, the times have changed. As we see these different cities across Germany, it is quite clear that Luther’s beliefs and those of the Bible are nearly extinct. There are rays of light throughout, but nothing like it needs to be.

Below are a ton of pictures. Do with them as you wish…

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