Helping Hands


We, as Americans, have so much, yet there are so many people around us in need. As we were walking through a neighborhood the other day, we met a family (a man, a woman, and their 3 children) from Romania. We really had no way of communicating with them. They spoke Romanian, but they didn’t really know any English or German. In fact, I think our very limited German was better than theirs. So what did we do? We still attempted to communicate, because we knew they needed help.

After introductions, they asked us where was a church, because they wanted to go to it for help. We learned that they had been in Germany for about as long as we had been. They had no jobs. No money. No car. No food. So naturally, we went and bought them some food. Then we learned that they had another child. A baby girl named Sarah who was born premature and still in the hospital. We went into their 2 room apartment – not 2 bedroom, but 2 rooms – and saw the beds in the kitchen and the mold on the walls. The need was real. All they asked from us was a baby bed for their daughter, some food, and a dresser for clothes.

Then we asked about their faith. So excited, they went to the other room and pulled out their family Bible. This thing had been through the ringer, yet they handled it with so much care. After the husband unwrapped it from the cloth that it was in, he showed it to us. The cover was gone and the pages were falling out, but it was something that they truly treasured.

With our language barrier, we unfortunately couldn’t get into details about their life or faith. They knew who we were as followers of Christ and knew that we genuinely cared about them. After we brought the bed over to them, the wife immediately got into her friend’s car and headed to the hospital to get her daughter. She was so excited and invited us over to meet her one day.

We did a little for this family, but couldn’t do everything for them. I think that this will be a common battle here. Discerning the need and then knowing how much to help. With the influx of refugees here and the people immigrating from other European countries, we could spent everything that we had to help these people. BUT how much is enough? And when is it too much?

We did our part and tried to connect them with the local church. Since we are all part of one large body, why not give others the chance to meet the need?!


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