We Went to Haarlem


We work hard during the week and then have fun on the weekend (sometimes). Our fun often takes us across borders because we have a gazillion sweet sights within a 2 hour drive.

So this past Saturday, we took a trip to Haarlem. Not to be confused with the Harlem in NYC, we went to the one outside of Amsterdam. It is probably best known for the Corrie Ten Boom house and all of the history that comes with it. We visited the house and saw the jewelry/watch shop that is still below the house. It was quite surreal.

We enjoyed some yummy cheese, some Polish food, took in the diversity of cultures and people, saw the sights, and even walked on the beach.

Two fun things from Haarlem…
1. The large church in the area once hosted Mozart, who played there in 1766.
2. Only 15 minutes from the beach, we had to make the stop. It was approaching dusk and the temps were quite cold. We walked to the water’s edge to get a quick shot. There was plenty of room between us and the incoming tide…and then came a rogue wave. You can see what took place (below) when the water came up…for some reason, Sarah went backwards…luckily her lifeguard was there to save her!

The kids enjoyed the time cruising around town with their friends as well. Language classes begin full throttle on Monday so it is back to the grind for another intensive month of class. Then we will have a few days off before repeating the process.

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  1. Love seeing your pictures. I’m glad you are able to enjoy your time there. Still planning on when we can make a trip over. Don’t look like it will be this year.

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