German Gift Giving


Who are these cupcakes for?

One of our neighbors is an elderly couple who happens to speak some English. Sarah has gotten to interact with them and then wanted to do something to say that we care about you. Upon learning that the woman’s husband was having health problems, Sarah decided to make delicious chocolate cupcakes. She even found some fancy packaging to seal the deal. She took them to their house and the woman was so excited and touched by the gesture. So the next day, the doorbell rang and there was the woman with a loaf of homemade bread for us, wrapped and tied with ribbon.


We have noticed that every time that we give someone a gift, they return the favor with a gift. They usually do it the next day. It is not something that we do in America and we don’t really know why they do it here. Maybe one day, we will find out. Until then, we will keep giving gifts and hope they accept an even greater Gift one day!


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