The Snake says Hiss…

When you set your mind on running a marathon, you train for it (unless your name is Cory). You plan, you prepare, you practice, you anticipate, and then you run.

Em being silly
Em being silly

When we were preparing to move overseas, we had gone through the preparatory work. We did all that we could there in hopes of being ready for our arrival overseas. BUT nothing prepares you for the onslaught of the attacks except being battle tested. We faced our fair share of attacks while in K-land and they definitely pushed us to the brink. Yet, they also built in us a resolve – a confidence that our commanding officer is watching out for us and doing everything for our good.

In our short time in Germany, we have been in the hospital and seen doctors too many times. That pesky snake is back to say, “Hello.” Our little daughter has a virus that keeps giving her great trouble in breathing. It leaves us on edge, because we never know when/if she will turn from bad to worse. We are reminded, however, that our commanding officer is still in control – – the attacks of the enemy will not discourage or leave us in doubt – – and we will keep plodding along in this lifelong race.


As of Monday, Emmie is doing better…she still coughs a ton to clear her lungs and still wheezes, but her breathing stabilizes when we give her the nebulizer every 3 hours. Please continue to lift her up and lift up our stress levels.

Hoping that Eli keeps everything down today. For whatever reason, he has only done it at night, right before going to bed.


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