The Unexpected


Since Thanksgiving, we have called Germany our home. We knew that it would be westernized. We knew that it would be clean, structured, and ordered. We knew that there would be some level of English speakers. BUT there were also some things that we were not prepared for – some good and some bad…

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  • Small Cars…Being in the land of the autobahn, we expected speed and really cool cars. We expected loads of VWs, BMWs, and Mercedes. On the contrary, we entered the land of mini cars and smashed station wagons. If you dont have a small car, I have no clue where you will be parking. The spaces are tight and forget about trying to parallel park with anything bigger than a smart car. If you come to our area of Germany, leave your mid-size or pick-up truck at home.
  • Furnishing an Unfurnished House…8 suitcases and a few carry-ons later, we began to settle in Germany. None of those suitcases had furniture in them though. Imagine walking into your new house/apartment without any furnishings. Then
  • Rain and Cold…On November 1st in Florida, it was 90F – a nice hot and humid day. Moving to Germany, we knew that it would be cooler, but we didnt expect a bunch of rain. So our walks around town on these first days have been a bit wet. Its normally just a drizzle, but it leaves you wishing that you had remembered the umbrella. The kids have been watching all the raindrops fall while sitting under their rain poncho in their stroller (provided by our great friends) so no worries for them.
  • Winter Wonderland…As one friend described it, picture our town as a shaken-up snowglobe with all the lights, Christmas trees, and snow (rain for now). That is what we live in right now. As we walk through the downtown streets with all the lights and Christmas decorations, its hard not to walk through it without a smile on your face and some pep in your step. And the Christmas markets are really cool. BUT with that said, its easy to fall into the trap and lose sight of the purpose. There are oodles of people here who either misunderstand the real reason OR who have never heard it before.
  • Everything is Closed on Sundays…On Day 4 in country, we thought that we would venture out to the grocery store and check out some local shops. Little did we know that all the grocery stores in town are closed on Sundays. They werent opening at noon…they were closed the whole day. We did find a bakery that was open, so all wasnt lost but it was very different than America.

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